Chris has had thousands of placements on television, with music used in
shows airing on ABC, CBS, NBC, Discovery, Fox, PBS, National Geographic,
A&E and other networks. He began writing music for television in 2005 for The
Oprah Winfrey Show. By 2009, his music was  used almost daily on her show
and is used for many of the shows produced by Harpo Productions today,
including the Dr. Oz Show.
Chris is primarily a writer of Americana,
American Roots and Tension music, but also has television credits in the
styles of modern rock, gospel, funk, world music, orchestral, jazz and

In 2012, Chris was a writer for a Grammy nominated CD for "Best Children's
Album" (featuring Al Jarreau and Hubert Laws). He has also composed music
for 3 video games.

From 2003 through 2010, Chris was a touring member of the Atlantic Records
1970's platinum selling rock band "
Firefall", known for their hits "You Are The
Woman", "Just Remember I Love You", "Strange Way" and others. He played
saxophone, flute and keyboards. He has also worked as an arranger,
producer, studio musician, vocalist and music director. In 2008 he released a
jazz CD of his own called
Monterey, several of the songs were featured on
The Weather Channel.

Chris' first songs were published in 1995 for a small record label in Colorado.
In 1998 he had a hit on the Children's Radio AAHS network, run by the
Children's Broadcasting Corporation and in 1999 he was a writer on a
children's music CD which won the "Parent's Choice Gold Award" and the
"Nappa Gold Award". In 2002, his jazz song "Little Web" received an
honorable mention in the John Lennon Songwriting Contest.